About Dr. Yurkanin Minimally Invasive Surgery



Urinary tract surgery can be performed using an open approach, meaning doctors must make a large abdominal incision.  With open surgery there is potentially a painful recovery.  Another approach is conventional laparoscopic surgery.  Laparoscopy is less invasive but limits the surgeon’s dexterity, vision and control due to the instruments used during surgery.

If your doctor recommends surgery to treat a urinary obstruction you may be a candidate for minimally invasive da Vinci Surgery.  Using the most advanced technology available, da Vinci enables your surgeon to perform delicate and complex operations through a few tiny incisions with breakthrough vision, precision, dexterity and control.  da Vinci Surgery for Urinary Obstruction also allows for improved access inside the pelvis.  State-of-the-art da Vinci Surgery offers several potential benefits over traditional open and laparoscopic surgery, including:

  • Shorter operation vs. laparoscopy
  • Less blood loss
  • Less pain
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Reduced use of narcotics

As with any surgery, these benefits cannot be guaranteed, as surgery is specific to each patient and procedure.

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