About Dr. Yurkanin Minimally Invasive Surgery

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Guidelines for Referrals

Please have your patient bring any imaging studies (on CD or hard films) with them to their appointment. This is especially important for patients with kidney or bladder stones and cysts or tumors of the kidneys or other GU organs.

Hematuria (microscopic or gross):

Please arrange for a CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis with and without contrast, if not contraindicated. Order the study with delayed images in order to visualize the renal pelvis and ureters to identify any filling defects as the contrast drains down in to the bladder.

Elevated PSA:

Please fax or have the patient bring as many results as possible, if the patient has a history of PSA’s drawn in the past. The rise in PSA over time is very important information. An isolated PSA elevation can often be rechecked to confirm a true elevation.

Recurrent UTI’s:

Please send any and all urine studies and cultures previously performed to see how often infections are confirmed, and which bacterial organisms are isolated each time.